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07-10-2013, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Kris Chreider View Post
So how does this help us win NOW?

Lindholm is projected as the Canes' 4th line center going into next season. I've never even heard of that Phil guy, and that 1st will probably be in the 10-20 range, meaning we'll only get a solid player who can contribute in 2-3 years. In 4 years from now, Lundqvist will be 35. Which is when most goalies start declining.

There's 2 packages I would want.

Skinner + Murphy + 3rd for Staal + Pyatt (cap reasons)


Faulk + Ruutu (1/3 salary retained) for Staal
As mentioned, I believe we can withstand the loss of Staal. The defence is more than capable of playing well without Staal. YES it would be better if he were there, but if you are going to move him, the return has to be one that takes the opposing teams needs into consideration.

Carolina is not giving up Skinner or Faulk in a package for Staal as that flies in the face of what they need and are looking to do.

Rangers can take advantage of a situation where they can get an overpayment of sorts in the form of top prospects and picks

Lindholm, it could be argued is the Canes #1 prospect. The Di Giuseppe kid is a 2nd rounder playing with Cristoval Nieves at the U of Michigan. a 1st between 10-20 along with our own 1st can only strengthen the franchise.

We can still try to win now while bolstering the future of the team.

I believe in balance.

Balance between spreading the finances between forwards, defence and goalie. I believe in balance in trying to win now while keeping an eye towards the future so that when we have to move an asset like a Staal or a Callahan, we can do so with the comfort knowing we have a pipeline of prospects pushing their way onto the team.

I do not believe we have the proper balance between forwards and defence, I do not believe we have proper cap balance. I believe that the overall structure of the team is wrong in terms of not having size where we need it. Talent where we can use it.

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