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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Well, I'm obviously not with you guys. "Slow and ineffective" kinda falls short of explaining his 35 points in 45 regular season games this year, and the fact that he averaged ~3 shots on goal over the regular AND post seasons (115 shots in 45 regular season games, 58 shots in 22 post season games). He was snake-bitten in the playoffs as far as scoring is concerned, but he still looked dangerous and he's still producing more offense/scoring chances than Briere at this point in their careers ON TOP OF being harder to separate from the puck, roughly a wash defensively, and earning more icetime/game while contributing to a better team.
How long, realistically, do you expect Jagr to last? He's 41. Yeah he proved he could put up points playing under no pressure for half a season in Dallas...but his production screeched to a halt in the 2nd half with Philly two years ago, and no one needs talk about how downright bad he was in the playoffs this year. He'll cash his cheque, start out hot, and crash back to earth again next year, and it'll be a disaster in a media-heavy place like Montreal. I'll take my chances on Briere and won't really think twice about it. I just feel sorry for the people who keep building up their hope for Jagr every off-season. If the Habs aren't offering the most $, he's not coming.

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