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07-10-2013, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Didn't feel like isolating the paragraphs so i just spaced out my replies.

The Cap will be a problem when the Oilers have to re-sign all the key players. RNH, Yak, Schultz and Petry will be due for big raises in the next 2 seasons and they would still need to fill out the rest of the roster. That cap space will evaporate quickly.
That's a lot of speculation. Plenty of teams seem able to manage multiple big money contracts in the current cap environment. We also know the Oilers are going to have lots of cap space on their hands and the cap is going to go up, probably by quite a bit. So what's the issue?

Says management. They planned on competing for a playoff spot last season and fell woefully short. I would think that the next step is making the playoffs.
It always is.

Chicago already had an established, proven team. I'm talking about when Chicago started to compete. The Oilers are light years away from following the Chicago model even when it was in its infancy stages.
And I'm talking about the idea that there's a window of opportunity. Chicago won a cup, ditched a large number of pieces from that team and rebuilt around the core they had. and won again. It's all about keeping your core and if the Oilers can do that (and again I don't see any reason why they can't) there's no reason they can't be in the hunt.

As for the Chicago model, the Oilers are on a different path. Doesn't mean it's the wrong one.

I don't see how the Oilers bring in a legit top pairing Dman, 2 way top 6 center or top goalie without dealing one of The Big 5 eventually.
Pfft. They could sign a legit two-way centre right now for nothing but cash (Grabovski). A top pairing D might be a little harder to find, but I don't see it being a case where we would have to trade the big five for one. Star for star trades basically don't happen in this league. Finally, goalie is probably the least of the problems.

How long should management remain "patient"? At what point is it not acceptable to miss the playoffs?
Three coaches in three years. New GM. Doesn't really look like an organization that's complacent. Maybe just compared to fans?

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