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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Is it? When the core of your team is younger than their prime years just having time pass will improve the team.
Players don't improve in a linear fashion. Some players don't improve at all. Some to less of a degree than expected, and some more. Some players get injured. There are so many factors here that just expecting young players to magically be better the next season is a setup for a massive letdown.

Yes, it could happen, and all things being equal, there is a good chance the young guys will be marginally better next season.

However, will Taylor Hall be much better than last year? Tough to say, he was VERY good.

How will Nugent-Hopkins fare after his surgery - lots of questions there.

Is Eberle going to get back to his stupid shooting % of 2 years ago? History would say that the chances are low. However, he could improve in other areas as well.

Is Yakupov going to suffer the mythical sophomore slump or will he be one of the guys who actually improves in Year 2? Time will tell.

So we can see that there is a chance we see LESS production from these guys next year, and not more. I don't think we will, but I can't see the future. Too many variables to consider here to just say "One more year means the young guys will automatically be better." Reality doesn't work that way in all cases

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