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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
There are certain ironies standing side by side with the the comments made by NHL officials. Ivan talks about Lindsay, the same Ted Lindsay that had the NHL create penalties because of his play, elbowing, kneeing. During his NHL career as coach and GM Ivan regularly had players like, Tony Leswick, Reg Fleming and others on his teams agitate opposing superstars. Just recently we have the situation of Mario Lemieux, as a player speaking out against Matt Cooke type players while signing their paycheques as an owner.
Hypocrisy. Absolutely. Whats good for the goose not always good for the gander. A matter of convenience. In the film I linked above for example, you have Frank Selke Sr there reminiscing about how every year Richard would just blithely sign a blank contract; moments later Maurice himself rather hilariously dispelling that notion altogether, and that "certain clauses, agreements were in place that neither the league nor my team mates were aware of" or words to that affect. In real time, here & now or retrospectively through revisionary meanderings, very hard to pin down a Smythe, Selke, Wirtz, Lemieux or anyone else for that matter, as first & foremost its a business for them, and that means winning at any & all costs. If that means putting Bounties on players heads, employing psych jobs, their gonna do it. Hockey from in some cases the AAA amateur levels through Junior on up is a War Zone. A Battlefield. These guys all grew up with it, its what they know, how they were taught, passed on from generation to generation. Every star player, since time immemorial a target, and it starts at a very young age. On the playing fields, rinks.

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