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Originally Posted by PrincetonRanger View Post
For the last 3-4 years or so, I've seen the Hockeys Future NY Rangers prospect summary conclude, consistently, that the goalie prospects are the #1 organizational need still unaddressed through Rangers drafting.

So, put bluntly, what gives? As the Rangers organization has not, in recent memory, recently drafted by 'need' but rather by 'best player available', has an impressive goalie prospect just not landed at our feet at the time of our selections in the drafts? However, is it a sound strategy to NOT develop a netminder prospect internally, and, rather, pursue a reactive trade or signing following Lundqvist's tenure (see my last paragraph).

Looking to the very distant future (I hope), Lundqvist** (knock on wood) always has been and hopefully will continue to play healthy--with virtually no injuries in his career (which is a slightly less realistic assumption, at the very least, as he ages). As some elite goaltenders have played well into their late-thirties (Brodeur, Hasek, TT), has the Rangers brass banked on Lundqvist playing for another decade and addressing other, more pressing line-up gaps through the draft?

Also, as an aside, many have been relatively surprised by the (deflated) value of goaltenders via recent trades--as the inflated value of "good" players at certain positions (such as 1st/2nd liners, or #1-4 d-man) haven't necessarily translated to the same trade value and bundle of prospects for top-tier goaltenders (Schneider, Halak). (I think its an oft-cited cliche that the game has changed, but I think the market has changed to match trends in the game. Teams can be, in some instances, successful without that elite goaltender). Obviously the asking price for the elite (such as Quick, Lundqvist, Rinne, Rask etc) is high, but in other trades, say for top-ten/15 net minders, goalies simply haven't brought in those blue-chip prospects many expected.

**my BIG assumption (and obviously topic of another thread) is that Lundqvist re-signs with the Rangers for the longterm.
Thomas played well into his late 30s because he really didn't hit the NHL till about 30-31. He is the rule of exception IMO.

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