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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah, ok. That's what I've been saying. I haven't once said that every single player is different and every case is different and that there is a lot more to it than just PPG stats. You have really been making some good points in this debate related to why my opinion is invalid. As far as my standards not being the ones used by the HHOF (i.e. each player being evaluated as a separate case, no brightline rule for induction), it sure seems like they are since, you know, Lindros was just passed over yet another year for hall induction. I know, I know. I'm stupid and the only reason is because the voters think he is a butthead. Neeley and Bure! Whaaaaa!

I'd say Forsberg has a better case than Lindros, and I'd probably give him my vote. He has a higher PPG pace in the NHL (more points in fewer games), more hardward, a Stanley Cup, and played over 200 games in the SEL as well with more than a PPG there too (which IIRC, international play is considered as well as the NHL play). So even though Forsberg played in fewer games in the NHL, his stats were better, had over 200 games in a different professional league which he also dominated, and didn't have the off-ice issues that Lindros had. This is what I mean by every case is different and there is no brightline rule. If Lindros's numbers were higher in the same number of games, I'd give him my vote. But they aren't. Forsberg's are (and Forsberg had the 200+ SEL games as well).

I'm pretty surprised that people are upset with my opinion on this matter.
Just because there are well-known politics keeping Lindros out of the hall doesn't mean they use your standards. I don't know how you even begin to deny that politcs are involved, it's been common knowledge for ages now. You're the only one who denies it, because it's inconvenient to your point. You're point which has been dissected by several different people now, yet you persist with.

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