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07-10-2013, 01:05 PM
Window shut..for now
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I'm sure this has been said already, so I apologize for the regurgitation..but here's my issue. You have this tool bag Ratner saying in the Fox Video clip, "People are going to be blown away by the clarity of the video and the size of the board" and how they're restoring the Garden's famous ceiling and a lot of people aren't even going to be able to see them. I mean, I know I'm there to watch the event, but when I'm in an arena or stadium, I look at my surroundings. That's just how I am. And when I'm at a hockey game, I LOOK at the jumbotron, and when I'm in the Garden in particular, I actually LOOK at that ceiling. It's like going to Fenway to see the Green Monster or going to Wrigley and to see the Ivy. It's part of the experience for me. And depending on where I sit now in MSG, I could have both of those taken away from me, and I have an issue with that. And it's easy to say, "Oh, well then buy different seats." At that place? I'm lucky I can afford the "cheap" seats. I'm happy with all the other renovations and I really do think this puts MSG on par with all the newer arenas and stuff, but the bridges are just unnecessary to me.

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