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07-10-2013, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by CorpseFX View Post
they won't chase Ott now after the Gordon (the new blue collar savior of mediocrity for the city) pick up. id rather have Ott. better offensively and hits a ton. similar FO%.

Mac-T is going to have a lateral roster after all the big talk, sorry to say.

and Smyth needs to be told to retire. letting that pity story go on any longer is wasting a roster spot.
Don't think we will be as bad as everyone thinks. With all the development of our kids and adding some compete level with the guys we did sign is gonna get us in the playoffs. You can't possibly not get in with the talent we have.

If we had a better then average management team, we would challenge for the cup this year with some trades or signings. The bottom line is these managers suck, but at least they are not making dumb trades with the big 5.

We would have made the playoffs last year if a center was brought in mid-way thru the season when all of ours got hurt. That is when the season turned and went sour. We did very well before that point. Complete incompetence by management ruined the playoffs. Until these guys are cleared out (klowe, and cronies) we will never reach our best.

The minor goal of making the playoffs should be an easy task with high end talent, these idiots don't deserve to be here in thier capacity, it's been far too long that this is the case.

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