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These are the lines I posted earlier in the thread but thought I would add a bit by explaining why these lines should work.

Hornqvist - Fisher - Wilson

This line is our best option for the top line. You have Fisher who is as solid a 2-way forward as they get. Hornqvist is a shot machine that will hover around the net. Wilson has leanred to be harder on the puck and can play the board well.

Stalberg - Legwand - Forsberg

This line could work but I'm not sold on if Legy or Cullen would work better at center here at this point. I put Legy here because he is a mainstay on the team it seem so I think he will get the knod. I can see these wings working well together. Stalberg is big and while doesn't punish people he does use his size well. Forsberg can shoot and distribute the puck well and with the speed on this line I think it would work really well. The only worry I would have is how they would handle getting stuck on the ice against other top lines around the league.

Smith - Cullen - Bourque

Bourque and smith have worked well with each other in the past and cullen is a pretty big step up from spaling in terms of offensive generation. I can see this line doing well. The way Bourque can work the boards would be the key to this line imo. Cullen and Bourque would be good set-uo men for Smith if he can regain that confidence in his shot.

Hendricks - Gaustad - Nystrom

You don't pay this kind of money for these guys and not play them. It's that simple. This will almost be a garantee as our 4th line. They will punish people for just being on the ice with them and faceoffs won't be an issue. Even uif Goose gets pushed our of the circle Hendricks can slide in without issue of a huge drop-off.

Bench - Clune

I hope Clune stays with the team and I'm sad they signed Nystrom because
I think it means Clune will either sit a lot of be moved.

Weber - Josi

Not much to be said here. They are our best and they have earned it.

Klein - Jones

I am not sure who will play LD and who will play RD but I think this will end up being our second pairing. If the long term plan is to play Jones at RD then he should start there and move the veteran to the LD spot instead. If they want to groom Jones to play with Weber one day look for them to play him at LD with Klein on the right side.

Ellis - Bartley

This is our best option on our 3rd line. Ekholm may be better suited to play with ellis because his size offsets that just a bit but the experience difference between him and Bartley is just to great. I see Bartley starting out and Ekholm maybe moving into that spot down the road.


We know who the goalies will be and the back-up is really an unknown but Mitch will pick the best one to play 8-12 games next season and that is good enough for me.

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