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10-27-2006, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
I recall reading that every two-ref pairing is a veteran and a younger ref. Do you think that the younger guy doesn't call things and yields to the judgement of the more senior ref? (Not that it was a penalty) In the situation last night where there was a questionable no-call in one end, and then immediately a (albeit less questionable) call in the other end, could that be the result of a younger ref no-calling a play, yielding to the other ref who might not have been able to see?
Sometimes it seems like the younger guy yields to the judgement of the more senior ref, other times it looks like maybe the younger guy is trying to step out of the shadow of the more senior guy. Who can say? You'd like to think that neither would be the case, that at this level they're all consummate professionals who only try to do their job and just make the calls they see, when they see them, regardless of all other considerations. There shouldn't be any need for conspiracy theories or second-guessing on our part. But when the product that we actually see on the ice looks so messy, who can blame us for occasionally putting on our tinfoil helmets and coming up with such silly speculations?
I'm of the opinion that when someone tries to deke THROUGH you, as Kessel tried to on Komi, it's hard to call obstruction. At the time I remember thinking he (Kessel) was trying to draw a penalty, and Komi did a good job of at least trying to get out of the way. However there are clearly different interpretations of that play.
And then of course players do go down so easily nowadays too, it's even harder for the refs to do their jobs even if they are trying dilligently to conform to the actual ideal standards we'd like to see. Well, it's good that we have a few timeless mysteries in the universe, I guess, it'd get kinda boring if we had the answer to everything.

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