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07-10-2013, 01:30 PM
Window shut..for now
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Totally understandable and I agree -

Has anyone figured out how many rows are actually compromised up there?

I think MSG/Dolan/Ratner, etc. gravitated to the fact that MSG would be the only arena featuring bridges/catwalks and didn't really think about the fan experience in a few rows near the top. (no surprise there).

I also think it will allow the media to get some pretty unique photography angles that we haven't seen before. I read somewhere that one bridge will be open to the fans and the other for media only? If so, thats even more of a waste. Would be better if it was just a curtained off section in the middle or a camera well.

Here's another option - If you buy seats in any compromised rows you should be given preferential access to the bridge (specifically the best parts, if there are any) if you choose to do so. It should state that on the ticket somewhere. That way youll be ON the bridge instead of being blocked by it - if it becomes such an issue.
I think it starts getting dicey (sight wise) around the 15th or 16th rows. And no, it really isn't a surprise. But yeah, they will get some unique photography angles. And I'm not even saying I won't be curious to check them out myself, but after I see it once or twice it'll probably lose it's luster for me. And I have a fear of heights, so I may be turned off by it just once. But I like the idea of preferential access to the bridge..maybe they'll do that if enough people complain.

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