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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
It sounds like Eakins is a guy who values players who can play, so don't get your hopes up. When Colton Orr went down to the Marlies, Eakins made him drop weight and work on his skating. Of course Orr is still a terrible hockey player.

The only team that get brutalized when those guys are on the ice are the Oilers. You'd be hard pressed to find two bigger black holes. Brown in particular gets owned by the dregs of every other team. Possibly one of the worst players in the league right there.

Smyth is a decent PK option and can probably do enough at this stage to hold off other team's fourth lines and move the puck in the right direction, which is pretty much all he needs to do. In limited minutes, in his proper spot, he's fine.
you gotta be kidding me, Smyth was in the penalty box cause HE CAN'T SKATE no more.

Eager pasted some people when given the ice time. His weight and speed alone destroyed a few people. I saw the body language of those players and they did not sleep well that night.

Brown is great at what he does, Why on earth you would keep Petrell and Harts on the roster is beyond belief considering that they did not use thier size and thier compete level was nil. I don't care that they can kill penalties cause with Smyth out of the line-up, our penalties go down by 50%, even with Eager in the line-up

Same goes for Horcoff, HE CAN'T SKATE no more and was in the penalty box too !!!

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