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Originally Posted by sanityplease View Post
If two zones of lace tightness is that important, why don't you install lace locks? & Just use as much normal hockey tape as you need on your ankle? Hockey tape is flexible (pressure sensitive) for a reason, it allows for an adjustable level of flexibility & support (start using less as your ankle strength increases). I don't get why packing tape would ever be superior to normal clear hockey tape.
Not sure what lace locks are but I do use waxed laces. When you leave the top of the boot laced so loosely that your ankle can easily flex 45 forward you really want the bottom laces to be extra snug because something's gotta hold on to your foot. In my experience, even with waxed laces or outside-in (etc.) lacing patterns, that huge tightness differential will start to equalize under the stress of vigorous skating.

The flexibility of hockey tape is why it won't work in this application. Packing tape is superior because when I wrap it around my ankle several times it becomes so strong and supportive so that I can lean into it with out worrying that it will stretch or break.

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