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07-10-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
Rangers fans can ask all the want. Faulk isn't going back in any way. Not out of fan pride or stubbornness, out of pure obviousness. They need d. Faulk is only one who is in the long term future. They are looking to add staal to Faulk. Trading Faulk for staal creates the same exact hole. Adding Girardi or anyone else is ridiculous. Try telling your new coach youre trading your top pairing of d for Faulk but youre trying to win the cup.

It isn't that Faulk is more valuable than staal. It's just a trade that lacks sense.

Underline: need to continue to improve team, including moving vets for lesser salary for cap flexibility. This win the cup NOW NOW NOW NOW mentality is cutting the nose to spite the face.

Do not stand pat for the sake of standing pat, do not make deals for sake of shake up or just to make a deal.

Make as many deals that improve the club as you can, as circumstances allow, be they conducive to many deals right away, or many deals later, or something else.

Bold: Either Rangers can afford to accommodate and trade Staal for non D assets or it cannot. At this moment the answer is no, although it is conceivable something around Staal + for Skinner + and a third team sending acceptable D to Rangers for Skinner could happen.

Faulk is key asset to which NY will make deal.
I will listen with an open mind, but it would appear no deal unless Faulk is part of it.
Likewise, if Faulk comes here, you need a righty D (Girardi) returning to CAR.

Just fill in the gaps.
Is that so hard?

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