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07-10-2013, 02:02 PM
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I respect what Smyth has done for the Oilers, but Ryan Smyth has always been about Ryan Smyth.

Exhibit A: He played hardball with the Oilers, thinking "they can't afford to let me go." He lost that battle and ended up with the Islanders, crying "Waah Waah" with his crocodile tears all the way to the airport.

Exhibit B: While every pundit (ie. TSN) was saying that the Oilers were circumventing the cap because it was a foregone conclusion that Smyth was going to re-sign with the Oilers, Smyth signed a fat contract with the Avs. If he "loved the Oilers" that much, he could have signed with Edmonton.

Exhibit C: Facing no ice-time and no possibility of a contract renewal in LA, he forced a trade back to Edmonton. I still remember the look on Tambo's face when he was asked about the trade during the draft - he had this look of being painted into a corner. As in, he didn't want to trade for Smyth, but Smyth had used his agent to leak his intentions of wanting to come back to Alberta (while using Calgary as a foil) so if he didn't acquire Smyth, he could kiss his job goodbye.

Exhibit D: "I need a two-year contract"

Honestly, as much as people complained about Horcoff (myself included), he at least fulfilled a role on the team and while I'm glad to see him gone, I'm upset to see that the team hasn't (yet) used any of the cap savings to acquire a useful player.

Smyth, on the other hand, can eat a ... I hope he enjoys his retirement, because he unofficially retired before he played a game last season. (Yes, I know he played 4th line C last year - I watched most Oilers games last season and to me he seemed either lazy, uninterested, or completely unable to keep up with the play).

If I were in charge of the team, I would have given him the option of retiring with his dignity (somewhat) intact, or sending him to OKC. It's a bit sad that for all of his "boldness", MacT has lacked the balls to do anything that resembles this - and this offseason still has yet to show me more than the off-season that netted Belanger, Eager, Hordichuk, Barker,...

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