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07-10-2013, 03:03 PM
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I'm sorry if someone posted this in this thread, although I did try to search.

I think we talked about Josh's dad running the hockey school, but in this case, when you look at the mission of the school, and the way it looks like Morrissey plays defense, I think talking about the mission of this school is pretty relevant. I think it's a pretty good glimpse at the type of player Morrissey may become.

"The Defence position in hockey is evolving very quickly. The new NHL rules, which allow much less obstruction, are filtering down to minor hockey levels. This evolution of the rules has brought about a change to the model of the “defence” player. The stereotypical big, strong, physical player with somewhat less skating ability, speed and agility than typical forwards is being replaced with an athlete still sharing the traits of strength and physical play, but who is now relied upon to match speed with attacking forwards, quarterback the team attack and participate to a far greater extent in the rush and offensive zone play.

Learning the art of playing defence is a career long challenge. It is the most difficult position in hockey to master both physically and mentally. The greatest defence players are skilled skaters, masterful passers, expert play makers and gritty competitors.

D-Rules Central is a web site for Players, Goaltenders, Coaches, Parents and hockey enthusiasts in general. It is dedicated to be the absolute best site specializing in everything related to playing defence in hockey. Lessons address specific, on-ice game situations. Video of lesson sessions and on-ice drill execution provide the coach and player with detailed information and on-ice accuracy. The great players are those who develop the detail in their games, make controlled decisions on-ice and make those around them better. D-Rules is dedicated to those goals.

The on-line forum allows coaches, players, parents and enthusiasts to share ideas. The D-Rules community offers synergy with unlimited potential."

I think it's interesting anyway. We're getting a kid who is most likely a good skating, puck possession, join the rush kind of player, who's dad is running a camp that is trying to teach just that.

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