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10-27-2006, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Oh, I'd say there is a pretty large gap between the AHL and the 2.Bundesliga. At least as large as the difference between NHL and DEL.

The 2.Bundesliga has some former NHL-, AHL- and ECHL-players, not to mention some from the DEL as well, but overall I would rank it quite a bit below the ECHL.
Salaries should be higher than in the ECHL, but that is the norm for European leagues.

The gaps between the divisions is indeed quite large. The DEL has the best Germans plus twice as many (and better) foreigners as the 2.Bundesliga. The Oberliga is somewhat of a step between professional and amateur hockey.
True, it does seem that most Euro leagues pay a decent wage. Enough to live off of anyway.

Interesting though, a paid vacation to Germany would be outrageously good.

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