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10-27-2006, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by hendextall View Post
Well there is one easy way to fix that and that is to call the diving penalty. Don't call hooking and a diving that does nothing. But if the refs start calling just the diving penalty, it will stop.

Of course, since this is at the ref's discretion there will be a lot of hubbub about it. Which leads us back to having 2 different referees on the ice who have 2 different ideas of diving. So it can't really work.
Except how should two different ideas of diving ultimately be problematic? Assuming that one ref sees at least 90% of the same game as the other ref (otherwise 1 ref couldn't even be an option) then, as long as they aren't dueling eachother or deferring to eachother, why should it matter if they have somewhat different standards? One guy sees 90% of what he thinks are dives, the other guy sees 90% of what he thinks are dives, and even if they don't have EXACTLY the same interpretations (there still shouldn't be that much room for difference), then the net result should be that we get more dives caught, which should be what we want.

And if the differences in their interpretations are SO big, then that's really another problem for the head office, IMO. Again, you don't cop-out of the two ref system on the basis of two refs having different "styles" or viewpoints. They're supposed to have THE SAME style and viewpoint!!! And if they don't, the league has to fix that problem and get everybody as nearly on the same page as possible, not throw their hands in the air and bail out on it.

You hear plenty of snippets about how this is indeed what the officiating dept. is working to achieve... going through tapes, showing examples, evaluating officials' performances, etc, etc. One hopes that nobody is losing focus on that effort, I don't see why it shouldn't work. If there are individuals who just can't seem to accept assimilation into a Borg-like vanilla officiating standard (presumably the higher profile veterans, right?) then get out your axes. They aren't the game, nobody pays to see them or will miss them if they're gone. The league wants to make changes. We're seeing the enforcer class becoming extinct, maybe seeing a few slower D becoming extinct, maybe there were a few "equipment-enhanced" goalies who will become extinct. Who's spending time crying for them? Why would the on-ice officials expect less? If they can't be assimilated, can't keep up with the changes, they have to go. No need to make excuses for them.

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