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07-10-2013, 02:44 PM
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So here's a recap of session 2 and 3.

The big names in group 2, Jones, Aberg and Stepan. Jones was fluid with the skating coaches and seemed to pick things up quickly. Good placement of shots when I was paying attention. Stepan is extremely fluid out there on the ice. Good wheels. Aberg just looks pissed all the times I've seen him. Not sure what that means other than he's got a scowl which could be good or bad. Jones seemed to be getting frustrated a little towards the end of the session and not sure if it was at the drills or himself but he had a smile most of the time. Leipsic was out for the first part of this session and was working with Korn and the goalie. He was parked at the side of the net for one timers or rebounds and the kid can put the puck in the net quickly. No hesitation and the puck was buried. Reminded me of Sully and Kariya in this particular drill.

Session 3's big names were Watson, Leipsic, Vesey and Budish. Watson and Leipsic were paired together and it's funny looking at them together as it was reminiscent of Arnott and Sully, size wise. Watson has improved tremendously with his shot. Lots of stank on it and was burying shots for a while top shelf in the corners. Very impressive to watch. Leipsic has a nice wrister but didn't have the power that Watson has. I did notice Watson seemed a little winded during some of the drills so he is either putting all out effort into his drills or he could use some conditioning work and I think it's the latter. He's filled out some again as well. Looks totally different than 2 years ago. Vesey and Budish looked good together as well. Vesey is very smooth on the ice as is Budish, especially for his size. Budish has some stank on his shot as well. Tall guys like him and Watson when using proper technique can get a lot on their shots. Budish had a few blowouts when doing some drills but the ice was getting pretty choppy when he went to the ice taking a few shots.

Like I said earlier, there were a ton of coaches on the ice working with the kids. In years past they had both sheets of ice going and this year they seem to be wanting to give more one on one time with the players than they have in years past which I think is extremely beneficial to the kids. They were really working on skating techniques trying to emphasize not wasting speed or motion. Didn't see any of the main coaches there today.

One other thing about Forsberg, he never seemed winded on the ice but was doing the drills seriously so that's a good thing in my mind.

And for what it's worth, my step daughter said Vesey has really long eyebrows. For a kid who couldn't care less about being there, she spotted that of all things. Kids.

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