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10-27-2006, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
Nah I just find it ridiculous when people find the stupidest of reasons to bash Ribs, Theodore, Bulis, Zednik...Anyone who's ever done anything for the team.
Well we can easily bash those guys and talk strickly hockey.

Ribs got more while doing less (though it's Gainey's fault not his....) and didn't stand out while Saks was out in the playoffs (though I wasn't in favor of trading him yet, I don't understand why we didn't want to trade either Huet or Abby 'cause we weren't sure of one or the other, but we traded Ribs even though we weren't sure of Pleks.....) And he's definately not playing a style that most of the guys liked, I guess we prefer our players to not be afraid of mixing it up a little bit and play hard sometimes, which is not Ribs' definition of hockey should be played.....

Theodore will never regain his old form since his old form came with the old NHL...

Bulis and Zednik, two overrated wingers that keep thinking that they were actually better than they really are.....

All of those were good once, not anymore, time to move on.....

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