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10-27-2006, 01:52 PM
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I Blame the Habs
I Blame SRC
I Blame RDS

Screw CBC they'll never change...what needs to change is Ourselves FOR Ourselves... the Habs really gave a Blow to SRC when they said they wanted only 1 Channel...

SRC was a Chuuche because they didn't want to buy the games from RDS

RDS is a chuuche for demanding so much

leave CBC and the rest of Anglo Canada out of this... if we the french want something...we'll just have to get it for ourselves. The Anglos are NOT going to give it to us

But THEN...

It sucks for the English Hab Fans...who want to see the Habs in English... like C'mon

Isn't this country supposed to be Bilingual?


Nah...Truly... Damn The CBC for not allowing US TO Watch more Habs Games in English!

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