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07-10-2013, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
This is where you go off the rails. He will never provide the physical presence that Marc does. He will never have the reach that Marc has. Marc is rangy and great on his edges and jumps into the play with great effectiveness (underrated part of his game). Again, he has done it for years. Faulk has not. Skills do not necessarily equal performance and so all of your forward looking assessments are just that; assessments. You are right, the trade makes little sense, to the Rangers.

And for the record, I watched probably 5 to 10 Canes games last year and nobody on that defense shut down anything. I didn't watch Faulk specifically like I did in the WCs because he was on my team in that tourney, but he did not stand out defensively. So, compared to the rest of your D, Faulk looked great. But big fish in a little pond does not make a Marc Staal comparable.
Correct, Faulk doesn't have and will never have Staal's reach. But, of course, there are a number of attributes that make for a good Dman. Faulk has very good gap control and is an outstanding skater, much better than Staal. He reads angles well and can pass or skate his way out of trouble. Given his age and progress to date there is no reason to believe he won't continue to improve. No guarantee but hardly a stretch.

I'd suggest you pay closer attention to Faulk in terms of physical play. He's not going to stand out like a Phaneuf or Chara in terms of physical style but the guy is plenty physical. Over the last couple of years, the most notable physical D here has been Bryan Allen. Faulk on average outhit Allen but would not take himself out of position to do so. Most people think of him as a small PMD but the guy is like a fire hydrant and plenty physical.

In terms of a shutdown role, who is there to help Faulk? Answer, not much. The Ranger D corps is much deeper and has two pairs that can play in a shutdown capacity vs. just one player in Carolina. In fact, despite the contention otherwise, Staal hasn't even played the toughest minutes for the NYR over the last couple of years. Yes, he's been hurt but in terms of future production, who knows how the eye will hinder him.

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