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Originally Posted by MiscBrah View Post
Oh I had no idea. How do players under 23 resolve disputes then?
(a) A player is eligible to elect salary arbitration if the
player meets the qualifications set forth in the following chart
and in Section 12.1(b) below:

First Contract Signing Age Minimum Level of
Professional Experience
Required to be
Eligible for Salary

18-20 5 years professional experience
21 4 years professional experience
22-23 3 years professional experience
24 2 years professional experience
25 and older 1 year professional experience

A player aged 18 or 19 earns a year of "professional
experience" by playing ten or more NHL games (regular season
and/or playoffs) in a given season. A player aged 20 or above
(or who turns 20 between September 16 and December 31 of the year
in which he signs his first Player Contract) earns a year of
professional experience by playing ten or more professional games
under NHL contract in a given season.
Pretty much explain it for arbitration.

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