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10-27-2006, 03:30 PM
Quiet Robert
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I hate it when does stuff like this.

It's not uncommon for them to translate quotes improperly or to twist the words around just a little bit in the translation so that it's not wrong, but taken out of context. They do it all the time. They'll take one little quote a player says in english and when they put it in French it's sort of wrong, but not enough that you can accuse them of fabrication. I'm not saying they do it on purpose, but I find they often put things out of context.

In this case, where is their quote? Samsonov might asked to be traded "Le joueur russe, qui a marqué deux buts et récolté deux aides depuis le début de la saison, n’a pas exclu la possibilité de demander une transaction si les choses ne changent pas.". You can't just come out and say things like that without an actual quote. And you can't use a quote like "I don't know why they signed me to such a big contract to sit on the bench..." as justification.

Until he comes out and says it himself, it's just speculation imo.

Now if he does come out and say he wants to be traded, then he's a bum.

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