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10-27-2006, 02:59 PM
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Ugg, all this nonsense about Perez getting shafted and Lats doesn't deserve to be on the 2nd line blah blah blah is starting to erk me. My lord, everyone please just take a deep breath and calm down.
For those who are pissed about Perez preceived demotion and the like...a question. Do you REALLY want him to be stuck in the line as disfunctional as the 2nd line?
Besides, we must get Kovy and Sammy to start producing, and if that means shafting a player or promoting a nondeserving player to do it, why the heck not? Which is more important? To get Kovy and Sammy to produce or to award a rookie (okay, so he isn't exactly a rookie but hell, it's only his second year) who hasn't really turned on the lights of the opponents nets? I dare say, it's more important to get the vets to produce because simply said, there is a greater chance of them producing more than Perez. They will do what they must to get those two to produce. So if that means Perez goes to the 4th, then so be it.
As for who deserves it more, Perez or Lats, err...who cares. All they did was look at the wingers and picked who they thought would suit that particular line better, not who is perceived to earn it more! I mean, if Murray worked his a*s off day in and day out, and Koivu had a streak of games where he didn't seem to be trying, do you think ANYONE would be crazy enough to switch the two and put Murray on the 1st line because he "earned" it more than the Koivu? If they think Lats fits the 2nd line more than Perez, fine. Deal with it. Life's not fair. Live with it.
And finally, and most importantly of all...people, it was ONE game! Not one season, not 10 games, but ONE measly insignificant game.

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