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07-10-2013, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Pretend you are Detroit, who don't give a crap how long their young guys have wait to develop.

Waive Gervais. That leaves 7.



Sit Gus in the freakin' pressbox until/when someone gets hurt, or rotate him in the lineup with Meszaros.

Tell Gus that you appreciate his patience but Kimmo is due to retire and Meszaros is going to walk at the end of the year - and he'll have a spot in the top 6 then.

If Gus doesn't like it, trade him. He played well but let's not kid ourselves that Gus is EVER going to be more than a bottom pairing guy. He isn't. I like him in our 3rd pairing, but Grossmann-Meszaros would be a much better pairing (bigger, more experienced), or put Mesz with Streit and play Grossmann-Coburn together as a shut down pair.

There are lots of options that could include Meszaros, if he's healthy. It's a pretty formidable group and there will always be work for the 7th guy with nagging shotblock bruises, etc. With two guys coming off shoulder surgery and one coming off a bad concussion, we're going to need all the D we can get: this 7 and probably Gervais, Lauridsen and Manning before the season is done....

For 2014-15 you've got 4 guys under contract and Gus as RFA again.


With Lauridsen, Alt, Manning and maybe even Hagg fighting for a spot - and that doesn't include any UFAs or deals Homer makes in the interim...
Your overrating the hell out of Mez, Mr. Overpaid 5th defender. I'd rather go with the 24 yr old 1 mil a year defender than the 27 yr old made-out-of-glass 4 mil a year defender. The past two seasons, we didnt struggle cause Mez didnt play. No need for him now.

You dont sit Gus a whole year just to play Mez for one season. Absolutely not fair to Gus who showed he can play in the NHL NOW. Your right, if they wanna play Mez, trade Gus. Let another team use him instead of letting him rot a season on the bench.

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