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Originally Posted by Guru Meditation View Post
A little annoyed with Malik's coverage today. Unless he's got a post coming where he talks about the prospects, what's the point? The stuff he's got up points to him coming to prospect camp and then ignoring the prospects...

He's too caught up in wanting to show he can be a big boy journalist to realize that we didn't need another one. We need somebody who doesn't bring identical coverage. Did we REALLY need more Darren Helm injury news?
Here's something actually about our prospects

In terms of the players I actually saw skating on Wednesday, here are my initial impressions:

#43 Darren Helm: Like I said, there was little power in his stride and his hands were a bit wonky as he hadn't done much other than skate by himself since, say, March. He tried to push himself at times but you could see him holding back, and not being happy knowing that he had to crank it up to 2/3rds Helm Speed and leave the rest on the table against other ultra-competitive (as Babcock would say) people who were out-skating and out-executing #43 because #43 had to play like he was a beer-leaguer.

His fit and finish were a little sloppy from the lack of physical strength and "wind," but you could obviously tell that it was an NHL'er doing the drills, comprehending them immediately and knowing where to be before his teammates were there, so the bag, she was mixed.

#67 Rasmus Bodin: Rasmus Bodin looked like some kid that Hakan Andersson picked out of a backwoods league, still growing into his body as he clumsily fumbled drills and struggled to keep up with the pace of things last year. This year, at least based upon twenty or so minutes of viewing, his size and strength are now in a body whose brain is comfortable with what it's now used to attempting to control. He looks like someone with promise, a big checking forward with solid skating skills and nice passing. So far.

#80 Dean Chelios: Jake's the defenseman, Dean's the forward, and Dean looks like he's put a little more meat on his bones, but he remains smallish even after gaining a few pounds. He's speedy and skilled but whether he can translate his tempo and grit into something more, after three years of watching him, I'm still not sure.

#42 Martin Frk: Frk is still sporting something of a playoff beard, and a year after suffering a groin injury during the first real day of skating, he chugged up and down the ice so hunched over that I thought something was wrong with him. As it turns out, the guy who wears #91 may not be nearly as fast as the original, but he sure as hell has a similar stride, albeit with his legs not set so far apart like Fedorov's. Frk's this hunched-over goal-scoring machine, and it's evident that he wanted to power his way to the net and shoot shoot shoot, but the thing I find interesting about Frk is that it seems as if he gets a little McCollum-y when he doesn't score. It bugs him, and it's almost as if he takes that last missed shot with him.

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