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07-10-2013, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
So what would you prefer?

Ryder left, and now his hole has to be filled. Would you prefer to throw a raw rookie like Collberg or Thomas on a scoring line, and just hope they work out immediately?

Or would you prefer getting Clarkson for the cap hit/term he signed for? Or Horton for his cap hit/term?

Pretty much all the legit Top 6 Forward UFAs went for ~$5 million a year or more, many on long contracts. Briere is actually one of a precious few who could conceivably be a good Top 6 forward next year who went for significantly less than $5 million a year.

Briere really is just a stopgap measure until Gally is ready for full-time duty on the Top 2 lines, and one of Collberg, LeBlanc, and Thomas is ready to take Gally's current spot as 3rd line winger.

I'd prefer someone bigger and younger too, but that means Clarkson/Horton-type deals, and I'm not sure that would be best for a team with the young players and prospect depth up-front that Montreal has.

Simply put, MB had no clear, good options this offseason. The Habs have good depth up front, but we don't have anything approaching an elite first line, at least not yet. So for the foreseeable future we need to run three scoring lines. Gally-Chucky (with either Eller or Prust) eating other team's third lines for lunch was a huge part of our success last year.
So he had NO CHOICE but to **** us over by signing Briere? Really? There was no other choice? I heard this crap when we got Gomez and folks said the same thing then. It was BS then and it's BS now.

How about not signing the guy? How about not making our team even smaller than it was previously? How about not taking our biggest weakness and making it worse?

I'd have been okay with that.

Hell, re-sign Ryder for a year and keep the cap space. Sign Morrow for a year. Or make a trade... There's no way we could've traded for somebody? Even if it's not a player of Bobby Ryan's stature you're telling me we couldn't get anyone else in the league that wasn't a midget? Really?

Don't sit there and say there were no alternatives because that's BS. A GM's job is to find alternatives man.

You want to say being a GM is a hard job? Okay, no argument here. That doesn't excuse stupid moves like this. And when a GM makes a stupid move like this he deserves to get ripped.

Thanks for asking.

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