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Originally Posted by Brainiac View Post
I know he said that. But I just can't picture this:

You have a 10+ year vet, an experienced coach and a seemingly intelligent GM talking on the phone about how Briere would be a great fit on the Habs. And their vision of the team with Briere on it is so great that the guy is totally convinced and signs with them regardless of the fact that other teams offer much more (I don't believe that, but for the sake of discussion).

Look nobody here is able to justify the Briere move logically. We add a 5'7-5'8 forward on a top 6/9 that already has three such players. The only argument we see is 'now our GM has no choice but to trade DD'.

So yeah, my bet is that the Habs offered more money, period. The rest is just PR bull****.
I found a Nahville newspaper link that talked about them signing Briere (quick jump out to Google). Ah, yes, here we go.

"Briere, 35, has stated that he wants two things from his new home: a top six role and a chance to win. With Nashville, he could receive both of those requests.

Lots of teams in a position to contend next season probably donít have a spot for Briere among their top two lines, but the Preds certainly do. Their forward depth chart is lacking goal-scoring talent right now, and with a lot of minutes we could see Briere re-emerge as a lethal offensive threat."

So, that's part of it. The second paragraph is probably key, you had Montreal, Nashville and NJ supposedly in the mix. Montreal provides the assumed best mix of playoff team plus a promise of top 6 icetime. I, too, sincerely doubt that DB refused a Nashville offer of 3/$12M or 2/$10 to come to Montreal, but it's conceivable that he had three comparable offers and chose Montreal on merit/opportunity.

It could be that instead of 'great vision' it's more like 'yeah, we'd put you on the top line and you'll get lots of PP time' and that was that.

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