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07-10-2013, 09:24 PM
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B+ grade for MacT right now... Ference Gordon Labarbera had to be done yes but he did them... if Tambo was still here he would have diddled around and kept Horc Khabi and Whitney and thought that they would magically become good again.

Perron for MSP is a great trade short term... maybe long term if we can get him signed to a fair deal after proving he is a fit with Sam...

Speaking of which... to get an A... MacT needs to either lock 89 up to a fair deal or move him and sign Grabo...

Hemsky... not too concerned about him really... there is still one more hole to fill yes but even if we entered next year with this


Smid-J. Schultz
N. Schultz-Klefbom/Belov/Larsen/MacT's hinted signing

I am good with it... better all around than last year while still having the cap room AND the picks to tweak it further

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