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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
If you take fighting out of the game, then you'll have the Brashear-McSoreley incident happen on a monthly, if not weekly bases.
What is this based on? Nothing. What a ridiculous and baseless argument.

International games normally have all skilled players on their team. Also, those tournaments are short. Fewer games. In an 82 game season if you take a cheap shot and you're suspended for 3 games, big whoop ?
Regardless, it doesn't take away at all from the game. Look at the playoffs where fighting is significantly reduced and condensed to smaller isolated incidents, the games are still extremely exciting to watch.

Other physical and contact sports have banned fighting, we don't see anyone dying on the field on a weekly basis. We don't see soccer players attacking other players with their boots, kicking them in the head on a regular basis. We don't see football players ripping off the limbs of opponent players and bashing them with their helmets. These are arguments used for people who have no other justification for fighting, so instead resort to "scare tactics" and "fear mongering" to make their point.

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