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07-10-2013, 10:04 PM
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Players who stood out (Defense)

(40) Nick Ebert - What stood out most for him was his shot on the point. He frequently shot low, hard shots that could be deflected. His skating and balance was decent, but he didn't really show off a lot of strength.
(54) Kevin Gravel - He played with a fair amount of grit and defensive discipline. His shot has improved a little, with more weight behind his shot, but it looks like it still has a long way to go.
(56) Kurtis Macdermid - He looked like the most improved player from last year, and he was surprisingly good back then. For a player his size, he is very mobile, and he's very strong on his feet. During the drill with the two defensemen battling for the puck, it looked like Colin Miller was putting all the weight he could to move Macdermid, to no avail. Played with a little less edge than Gravel, but still not shy with getting involved in the rough stuff.
(61) Colin Miller - He moved the puck very well; his skating was fair. Made a nice play for Maclise to set up his goal for the 3-on-3.
(62) Zac Leslie - Honestly... his shot was the most impressive out of all the defensemen.
(76) Paul Ladue - Has a very quick stick that was used effectively to poke the puck off of attacking player's sticks. Didn't shot a lot of strength, but good feet work.
(84) Derek Forbort - He got better as the day went on. Used his reach well to clog up passing lanes. However, I am concerned because I do not see any improvement in his skating. His footwork is slow and seemingly uncertain. He doesn't generate a lot of strength from his strides; his feet seem on the heavy side. It doesn't look like an effort issue. It just looks... inefficient. Moreover, I don't seem him try a slap shot that often; he mostly employs a wrist shot. I do think there's plenty of time for him... but I think he's missing a certain swagger allowing him to do everything with a lot more authority. I do think his greatest asset is what doesn't get displayed often in practice - he looks to have a very good hockey IQ.

(35) J-F Berube - By far the most polished of the goalies. Plays a style very similar to Bernier; very technical and casual to a fault. He made every save look easy, but when it came to good practice habits, he wasn't very sharp in pretending to look over his shoulder.
(46) Alex Fotinos - He has a really bad habit of letting his glove drop for no reason. He lets in a lot of goals he shouldn't. In the morning, he seemingly looked defeated every time a puck got by him... his head would sag, he would slowly get up, and then he'd get ready again. The demeanor wasn't as defeated looking in the afternoon, but it was very obvious this was an 18 year-old who had a lot of growing up to do.
(65) Patrik Bartosak - He battled a bit, but he struggled with keeping himself square to the shooter. He also held his glove awkwardly during the morning drills. It was held out like he was ready to shake someone's hand. Also made some saves he seemingly had no business making
(75) Mathias Niederberger - Seems to be a very focused goalie who is trying to learn good habits, but is very scrambly like Quick; better positionally than Bartosak, but weaker technically than Berube.

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