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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Your overrating the hell out of Mez, Mr. Overpaid 5th defender. I'd rather go with the 24 yr old 1 mil a year defender than the 27 yr old made-out-of-glass 4 mil a year defender. The past two seasons, we didnt struggle cause Mez didnt play. No need for him now.

You dont sit Gus a whole year just to play Mez for one season. Absolutely not fair to Gus who showed he can play in the NHL NOW. Your right, if they wanna play Mez, trade Gus. Let another team use him instead of letting him rot a season on the bench.
Who gives a crap if it's fair to Gus? It's whatLavy thinks is best for the team. Fully healthy, Meszaros is the better player, both offensively and physically.

Gus played well at the end of the year but if he has to start as the 7th D, and get in 30-40 games to cover injuries, oh well. It's not like the future of the franchise depends on his development.

With Kimmo due to retire and Meszaros' contract up, there's $10MM of cap space, which is what we'll use to pay for the raises for G, Couts, Schenn etc. We'll need him next year.

I still think it's more likely that Meszaros will get traded/waived because that will create more cap room to bring Gagne back, if that's Homer's plan. They have to balance what they will get out of trading Meszaros (if they waive him it's nothing) vs. the play they can get out of paying him to play one more year.

I'm not sure what they intend to do. It depends on whether they keep Laughton with the big club. If he forces his way into the lineup, there is no room for Gagne in the lineup, they can keep Mesz, and the D is stronger and deeper.




I think the above is a better lineup than Gus in and Gervais as the 7th. There is really no room for Gagne if Laughton is on the team. If they send him back, then there is room for Gags at 3LW, pushing Talbot to a very tough 4th line with Zac and Hall.

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