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Originally Posted by Shizuka View Post
Are people upset because they wanted to see Paajarvi grow with the team... or are they upset because they felt he could bring in more in return, whatever 'more' might have been?

I am sorry to see Magnus go, great kid with really good character who worked at his game even though I'm sure he was greatly discouraged after getting sent down to OKC. His skating stride was a thing of beauty. But... his game was still tentative. Yeah, he showed signs of improvement towards the end of last season but I think he still played far too gunshy. As he matures and gains confidence I think he'll manage to overcome most of this -- but it's just not in his natural makeup to battle hard. I really hope he does well in St. Louis, and I will still cheer for the kid no matter what.

Perron brings a high level of compete (something I think every one of us as Oilers fans noted the dearth of the last few seasons with very few exceptions -- and something MacT wanted to bring in to an anemic, lifeless group), to go along with a respectable offensive skillset and excellent puckhandling. He played PK by all accounts, and even stated on Gregor's show that he prefers LW. He's allegedly 6'0 and 205 lbs, so he isn't small, and on his twitter account he lists himself as a fitness fanatic. He also has a bit of 'rat' in his game, a bit of 'Marchand' to go along with those soft hands and 2 20g campaigns, 1 50 pt. and 2 40 pt. seasons already. What is not to like, guys? I feel like buying some of you beers, the way you are behaving.
This guy actually knows what he is talking about. Completely agree, he has a little Marchand in his game (the exact thing people were complaining we don't have a couple days ago but somehow aren't happy with this trade ) and is very capable offensively even though he was playing in a defensive system for the blues. And yes people are upset about it for those reasons but also people are complaing about him being like 1 or 2 inches shorter which is dumb cause Perron is way more physical and over 6 foot and over 200 lbs. They're also complaing that MPS has so much potential but somehow Perron at 24/25 doesn't oh and people are complaining that MPS scored one more goal than Perron (not mentioning that Perron had way more points). Basically people know nothing about Perron, he's a **** disturber that people have been wanting us to have.

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