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07-10-2013, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
I wouldn't say I'm upset, but I'd agree with both of those statements a little bit.

I think Magnus was written off a bit and this trade has a good chance of looking really, really bad in a couple years. At 22, Loui Eriksson was a 30 point player. At 22, the Sedins were 30-40 point players. I wouldn't draw a straight-line between those players and Paajarvi, but I also wouldn't write him off in the way others do. The only fact is that Paajarvi was developing, and at a rate not dissimilar to players with his background who went on to become superstars.

That he went for a very good player softens the blow a bit. However, that the Oilers had to add a significant piece - and a 2nd round pick is a significant piece for this team at this point - is troubling. I think it's likely that Paajarvi closes the offense gap a bit between him and Perron, and I think it's likely that he produces at a better points-per-salary dollar rate as soon as this season. I don't think the difference in player value is equivalent to a 2nd round pick.

I'm not upset by this trade, but I think the Oilers were:
a) impatient, which is not a good thing no matter how much that bluster might sound good on the radio, and;
b) got squeezed a bit in the brass-tacks negotiation.
A 2nd is nothing. Pitlick, Lander, Moroz etc.. Yeah... I couldn't care less about this team trading a 2nd round pick.

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