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Originally Posted by JonQuixote View Post
I wouldn't say I'm upset, but I'd agree with both of those statements a little bit.

I think Magnus was written off a bit and this trade has a good chance of looking really, really bad in a couple years. At 22, Loui Eriksson was a 30 point player. At 22, the Sedins were 30-40 point players. I wouldn't draw a straight-line between those players and Paajarvi, but I also wouldn't write him off in the way others do. The only fact is that Paajarvi was developing, and at a rate not dissimilar to players with his background who went on to become superstars.

That he went for a very good player softens the blow a bit. However, that the Oilers had to add a significant piece - and a 2nd round pick is a significant piece for this team at this point - is troubling. I think it's likely that Paajarvi closes the offense gap a bit between him and Perron, and I think it's likely that he produces at a better points-per-salary dollar rate as soon as this season. I don't think the difference in player value is equivalent to a 2nd round pick.

I'm not upset by this trade, but I think the Oilers were:
a) impatient, which is not a good thing no matter how much that bluster might sound good on the radio, and;
b) got squeezed a bit in the brass-tacks negotiation.
This is the problem I have though -- people complain about Tambellini's sphincter tightening over deciding what to have for lunch, let alone hockey deals... yet when MacT comes in and clearly signals change is needed, and makes a change (and we didn't get fleeced on the deal, we received the better player as of now)... fans are still upset? Sorry, not trying to make you the scapegoat but it just perplexes and confounds me, and I'm just another fan. You are truly damned if you do and damned if you don't, as a front office type for this hockey team.

I'd agree that the 2nd round pick made me grit my teeth a bit too but I don't think a straight swap of the two principals involved would have been enough -- and likely MacT saw enough and heard enough from his guys, analytics and scouting teams alike, to overcompensate and land Perron.

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