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07-10-2013, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
The point is that the 2nd round pick probably didn't need to be a part of the deal at all. And a 2nd round pick holds significant value whether or not you end up using it on draft day.

Perron is a better player than Paajarvi, but he will likely be $2M+ more expensive over the next few years. Is he $2M+ more valuable? It's debatable, but what isn't is that an additional $2M in cap space (especially for a team as close to the cap as the Blues are/were) should carry a fair amount of value when it comes to trades in a cap league.

I still like the trade, and I'm ok with overpaying a little to improve the team, but that doesn't mean the overpay doesn't exist.

It was never the point I was trying to make, but I'd also argue that our prospect pool isn't nearly as deep as you seem to be suggesting, and a 2nd round pick definitely isn't something I'd give up for no reason.
I think helping STL get some cap relief shouldn't have cost the 2nd either. Unfortunately, my lack of faith in this team's ability to draft after the 1st round doesn't make me think they would have found an NHLer with that pick.

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