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07-10-2013, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Shizuka View Post
This is the problem I have though -- people complain about Tambellini's sphincter tightening over deciding what to have for lunch, let alone hockey deals... yet when MacT comes in and clearly signals change is needed, and makes a change (and we didn't get fleeced on the deal, we received the better player as of now)... fans are still upset? Sorry, not trying to make you the scapegoat but it just perplexes and confounds me, and I'm just another fan. You are truly damned if you do and damned if you don't, as a front office type for this hockey team.
That's a fair comment, but even if I accept your critique of "people" as though there's one hive mind (I never really ragged on Tambellini for doing nothing), there's room to be frustrated with both approaches. You could want your GM to do *something,* but not want him to sell the farm for magic beans.

Personally, I want MacTavish to fill the holes in the roster as best as possible without gambling the future away. I don't want Hall, Eberle, RNH, Schultz or Yakupov moved. I put Paajarvi outside that core, but not dramatically so. I liked what he brought to the team right now, and I was encouraged by his development.

I recognize that this team will only go as far as its young core will take it, and the best our management can do is support them while trying to to screw them up. I like moves like the Ference and Gordon signings. I hope the team pursues some of those other free agents out there, that they consider low-level RFA targets like Kyle Clifford or making trades with other salary-capped or budget teams for useful additions.

I don't want bold. I want smart.

This trade... I dunno. I'll reserve judgment. I think there's probably a misvaluation when it comes to the 2nd (and for those who say 'I don't care about the 2nd, I want to win now!', that's irrelevant to the discussion. It's not the dealing of the 2nd, it's the potential wasting of the asset that could be used to make other 'now' deals).

It's one of those 'good now, probably gonna suck in a couple years' deals. I don't think at this point of free agency, and with Hemsky still rotting on the vine, it's necessary to make 'buy now, pay later' moves.

But, y'know, it's done. Good luck to Paajarvi, but Go Perron! I hope he shuts me up and makes me indifferent to the long-term consequences.

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