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Originally Posted by Victorious Secret View Post
Why give him a shot? Why give him experience? Did you not watch the playoffs last year? Thats why. So, we don't put people in position to fail and embarrass ourselves in the mean time.
Here's the thing, Minnesota just had their WORST year ever as an organization. Adrian Peterson was questionable on coming back and they had some rookies at some very key spots. Playoffs were far from their minds entering the season and they wanted to continue building around Ponder and not putting too much pressure on him. They knew that making the playoffs would be a long shot, especially if Peterson had trouble returning.

They didn't use Webb for three key reasons; playoffs were still a long shot away (with the Chicago and Tampa Bay losses), they were coming up on the most difficult portion of their schedule, and because they didn't know Ponder would be out with a bad injury after playing Green Bay.

Furthermore, Webb wasn't seen as anything more than the unfortunate backup on an improbable season. They wanted to give Ponder as many reps as possible that season for him to grow and hopefully succeed and learn. That includes any blowouts because where else are you going to get some experience from?

They didn't think, let's just throw Webb in there because we think he'll be a great backup in the future and we might make the playoffs with Ponder out. Would it have been ideal? Damn right, it would have been ideal but nothing about the season was normal. And as such, they had to go with what they had. Webb had taken some snaps in the previous season, was in all their practices, and was a very raw quarterback that Childress thought could be turned into a quarterback sometime maybe in the future. 3 games wouldn't have made a lot of difference, especially in a blow out mop up situation.

Webb isn't going to fail as a QB because he wasn't drafted as a QB and never really seen as a QB other than by Childress. Hell, they are moving him to WR this season because ultimately that's where his future is going to be.

Webb came from a small college that didn't play against the big schools consistently. He had a large and almost improbable learning curve ahead of him and was put in that position simply as a filler and nothing more.

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