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07-11-2013, 05:53 AM
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Playing with crap linemates, doesnt waste time dangling, great defeensive IQ, had chemistry with yaks when finally put to second line for last games.
NO PP TIME, 4ht and 3rd line TOI, 25th place team
9gs 7a -1

top 6 on playoff team. TOI and line mates worlds better than Maggie.
PP time comparison? if it were money... Perron is Bill Gates, Maggie is the bum i see trying to gather cigarette butts.
10 goals (WOW WHAT A GOAL SCOrer CAN YOU SAY SNIPER? WOWWWWW) Incredible numbers!!!!!!!!! top 6 position on a playoff team. WOWWOWOOWOWOWOW with one of the best defenses feeding him those outlets WOWOWOWOWOWOW

10 goals. WOW. 2 of which were cashed in that huge PP time . 15 a --4 of which cashed on man advantage.

I call it that Maggie wins. STL wins. Hitch wins and at a fraction of the cost...before even figuring in the asset they will get for that 2nd which will be very valuable during the season.

Oh and we added a 2nd. That is a depth centre/dman in the season.

STLOUIS got the man and Hitch was finally able to dump the rediculous cheapmans hemsky who tries hard but doesnt really win his battles. In my mind it doesnt matter if you hit if you are hitting out of position and losing your battles. In the offensive zone you also cant be taking gawdawful penalties.

Another hemsky...oh joy/

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