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07-11-2013, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by reno77 View Post
Thanks guys! I just don't understand how Step could be last in line for all he has done for the Rangers! Someone said Stepsn has not missed a game in three years, does anyone know if that's true?
I don't think so much he's the last in line, but it's more of a tricky situation than people might think. The RFA's we've had got signed quicker because it's pretty easy to project where they'll land (barring any injuries etc) a few years from now.

McDonagh's gonna be a top pair defenseman and maybe get a few more points/season than he has now, but his development is gonna decline a bit now. He'll still develop, but not at the rate he's done for the last few years.

Hagelin got a bridge deal cause it's hard to project where he will be a few years from now. His camp obviously say's hell develop into a solid 2nd-liner and commands that kind of money, while Sather's saying that's not a sure-thing and offers less money, so 2 years from now they'll know more. Chances are Sather was willing to go for a longer deal but realized he'd might not have enough money to sign Stepan long-term in that case. So a 2 year deal is perfect for both sides.

With Stepan, he's coming off a year where he's close to being a 1 PPG player, but had a pretty average playoffs AND on a heavily shortened season. The season before that he also had a pretty average playoffs and average season, so it's really hard to project a fair salary for Stepan. He'll obviously mention he's only 23 and already a PPG player and will only improve, while Sather's gonna be hesitant cause he's only been that for half a season.

I think they're pretty close to an actual number, but might differ a bit on the length of the actual contract. Stepan is obviously not the least important RFA because he's the last one left (apart from Mashinter), but he might be the most difficult to sign cause of what I just mentioned. I definitely don't think he's being treated poorly. This is a business and he knows that, his agent knows that and the management knows that. Management won't and can't wait to sign other RFA's just because Stepan might be the highest priority. Contract negotiations are ongoing with multiple players at the same time, it's not like they have a numbered list that they go down and leave a check mark once the signing is complete. Both sides want to commit, so barring any complete meltdown which I find extremely hard to believe, he'll be signed before camp starts.

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