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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
Yup, thankfully management doesn't see it like that because that's how you lose games.

I don't care what we get in return for Mez at this point. I just Homer's able to trade him this summer to free up a spot on the defense & some cap space.

Agreed. It's also not like we're desperate for anything we'd get in return for Mez, I'd imagine a 2nd round pick is the absolute max if a team is really really desperate, but after that a third round pick or lower? While not to be scorned at, it isn't really likely to change the face of the organisation.

It's not like Gus is going to be playing top 4 this year if Mez goes anyway, we'd be asking him to do less (in all probability) that he was doing (and doing well) at the end of last season. Then if we free up cap we can invest that in one more winger which would give us 3 solid, competitive lines. Keeping Mez doesn’t make this defence any better, it makes it deeper. While that’s not a bad thing I’d rather have deeper forward lines and have to use other guys in the 7th D spot (and still have cap space).

Finally, when people say cap space doesn’t score goals, etc, at trade deadline it’s pretty important because it’s been banked and can get a better player if we need it... Does not having Mez mean we’re out of playoff contention by trade deadline? I don’t think so. Does it mean we could add a piece that could score goals, block shots, etc, probably.

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