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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
^ I think the NHL should look to change that rule as it stunts development of the player in special situations. I think NHL first rounders should be able to play in the AHL at 19yo, but the NHL team would need to buy that year away from his CHL team. It would diminish the talent in the CHL, but why would the NHL care. Locking CHL players into 20yo is just another reason for players to stay away from the leagues.

Not every first rounder would be purchased away - the NHL team wouldn't take them away from a prominent CHL role to ride the pine in the AHL so there would need to be room for them and they'd need to be considered physically ready. Also have a no ECHL rule for these players.
I think in today's NHL players drafted noadays you can make the case that the skill has fallen off since the years of the Crosbys, Malkins, Stamkos. The difference tho is I would say players drafted from pick #1 to #10 have a legitament shot of making the NHL club cause they are more NHL ready. Not skill wise but alot of these kids are developed to play 2-way grinding hockey and alot of them have excelent IQs. Most teams would rather have a kid develop in the nhl and play a support role cause alot of them are capable of the task.

Perfect example is from my favourite team the avalanche. The last two picks they got (landy/Mckinnon) I really don't consider to be in that stamkos, crosby class but more of a 2-way support role. Potential GREAT 3rd line players in the NHL possibly 2nd line on a bad team.

So to answer I think honestly any team picking out of the 10th pick would usually not have an open spot fot the player and therefore would like them to use their tenture in the CHL and then more seasoning in the AHL much like Detroit does. Bast***s lol

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