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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
To address a few thoughts that people are saying that I don't recall seeing in any of these posts.

1. Who said we wanted to pay Spaling more money? I never did. All I said was I think it's silly to pay Goose the money he's making when Spaling is a younger more well rounded player than Goose. If he gets more money from arbitration great but I doubt he's going to get a raise after his performance last season. If he does, the Preds stand to let him go because they don't want to pay his salary and they lose him for nothing. Poor asset management. And no one around here thinks he's going to get $2 million from the Preds. I'm not advocating it and I don't think he's deserving of it. Let's see what the Preds have offered and what he wants in arbitration and go from there before worrying about his salary.

2. When did anyone mention goals and his production other than the teams winning % when he scores. The game isn't always about scoring but having well rounded role players is important too. Spaling is a good all around player. Is he spectacular at anything, nope but he's a solid PK'er, he has stayed relatively healthy, chips in goals here and there. You don't notice him on the ice and while I'd love to see him lay big hits it's not his game and we have some other guys to do that now. If we want to compare him to Gaustad, everyone says he's not as good at faceoffs. While that's very true, every time I recall seeing Goose out to win a big faceoff he either got tossed or lost it. Also, for all the physical comments made about Goose, how many of those guys do we need on a roster? Adding Hendricks and Nystrom seem to be a lot of redundant parts, much like Hali, Yip and Spaling. It's like going from one extreme to another. So all that said, not sure where the "goals" comparison came from but if anyone thinks I only want Spaling because of his goal production is silly considering he brings a lot more to the table than just that. We also say we have a team full of Spaling's. If he's gone, we have none at that point since the similar players to him have all been jettisoned.

3. Business is business, regardless of the player. Just because it's Weber doesn't make it any more or less of a business attitude when it's in regards to player contracts. Yes, Weber is more valuable but it shouldn't effect how we view a player, even if it's just Spaling.

4. As far as Goose standing up for his teammates, really? The one time I recall him doing anything was hugging Peckham to the ground last year. If he's sticking up for his teammates, what good is his faceoff skills? I'm being facetious of course when saying this but he's not as physical as some think. For the money and impact on the game, Smithson was a better fit at a third the price and while I loathed Smithson, I'd rather have him than Goose.

5. And maybe I have a serious problem as I can't stand Goose and have always liked what Spaling brought to the team. As I said in another post, we reward guys with big contracts from other teams in free agency and let our home grown talent walk for possibly nothing. So we have to overpay to get so so talent yet good talents that are home grown are chastised for wanting to get paid?

I still think Poile has some moves up his sleeve because he's got too many players on the roster and I haven't heard anything in the press that has the team disillusioned with Spaling. Sure, the signings state something but I just can't see the team putting this much time in to him to let him walk for nothing if the arbitration numbers come back in Spaling's favor.
Stopped reading when you mentioned Spaling is "more well rounded than Goose"

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