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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
No it wasn't. It was better than it was in the regular season, but that's not really saying much, is it?

Regular season: PP% 14.8, good for 26th in the league
Playoffs: PP% 17.5, which would have put them 17th in the league if they'd converted at that rate in the regular season. Even in the playoffs, they were still only 8th out of 16 teams regarding PP%.

That's just not good enough, and it doesn't matter who they have manning it, because they fundamental goal of their PP is what's flawed. They want to work it back to the point for the shot and hope for a tip or screen. Good PP units work it down low. Until they make a shift in that basic philosophy, they're going to be marginal at best, IMO, regardless of who they get to play on the PP.
It was over 20% in the Final and was substantially better after the 1st round when Krug drew into the lineup.

From where I was watching it looked to me like they started working the puck down low a lot more than they had done in the reg season and years past.

A PP goal in G6 would have been nice, but it never happened, but CHI's goalie taking his helmet off when the Bruins had the puck and then a phantom glove pass didn't help either.

From what I saw of the PP in the playoffs, I'm encouraged for this upcoming season.

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