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10-27-2006, 06:56 PM
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Always buy all new equipment. Used gear smells like the last guy that had the stuff on. It doesn't have to be the name brand best, just decent quality protective stuff.

A new helmet with cage will cost you 50.00

Gloves will run you 40.00

Breezers/Pants 60.00

Elbows are 40.00

A couple of decent wood sticks will cost you 30.00 a piece

Cup/Garters/tape/gear bag other misc accessories another 60.00

You don't need shoulder pads.

Skates are tricky. I wouldn't go top 'o the line, but I wouldn't skimp too much. You could get a pretty decent pair for 150.00-200.00. Do some research so you know how skates should fit. You ain't buying bedroom slippers. "Comfortable skates" is a relative term. There really is no such thing as a comfortable skate. You'll figure that out soon enough.

You can get going for under 500.00 and this wouldn't be total crap gear either. Not cheap, but you can easily spend 15 bills for the same list of stuff I just named, just better quality/more prestigious stuff.

Don't get your skates on-line, all the other stuff, you can probably do better on-line than the pro shops.

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