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Originally Posted by ikeman79 View Post

Plus we have interchangeable Cracknell=still scary

Aucoin is a good depth move.

Roy= give puck to Stewart
Scwartz= better than perron or McDonald
Paajarvi=untapped potential. Watch his international play and tell me he has no hockey IQ please? He has less space in NHL but he is young, he will get it. He is a stud. Perron is a stud but one dimensional. Paajarvi is a two way threat, and faster than lightning, this was an excellent trade.
MPS had a 7% shooting percentage in Sweden. I have payed close attention to him. Ever since the 2009 draft I have followed him. He was suppose to be one of the most skilled players in the draft. While that still may be true it ended up he has a huge flaw in offensive awareness. That seems to be the reason he dropped to EDM in the draft because scouts had questions about it. MPS is a defensive player with not much offense to think of.

It's okay to be positive about our team but please actually know about the player. You really don't seem to have watched MPS at all if you think he is a 2 way threat.

Schwartz is a player I have very high hopes for but he is not the better player then Perron yet he may be but he's yet to convert his talent into points. McDonald pre last season was a very good offensive player and we'd be lucky if Schwartz or Roy can have the impact he did.

Our 4th line was our best line in the LA series. It really didn't need improvements.

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