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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
This I really have to disagree with. I know you're a Kulda fan but come on, a proven 5/6? When did he do that? at some point over the last 3 seasons and whopping 15 NHL games at the age of 25 in a couple weeks? Kulda is as much of an NHL'er right now as your average AHL'er with a glimmer of hope but he has yet to crack the bigs.

And the whole shutting down Datsyuk/Malkin in Russia, good God, I guess 29 NHL GM's missed that star gazing fact when he was passed over and unclaimed on waivers.

I get you like Kulda and I admire your knowledge and passion, and I do like Kulda to an extent myself, but let's not build him up to something is clearly isn't at this point.
I agree .... I like Kulda but I will not vote for him at all in this poll(even at #20). The reason being this is a poll of rating Jet prospects and how they will benefit the Jets in the future........Kulda is a good depth player at this time but his window is rapidly closing and I predict (givin how the Jets handled him so far).......He does not play another game for the Jets and becomes a UFA next July......

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