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07-11-2013, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by HooliganX2 View Post
Perron is the better player. Come on with that. Perron is more Proven because he is the player. It's not even close when you compare them. Right now MPS is a good 3rd liner while Perron is a top 6 on almost any team in the NHL.
I'm saying Perron is more proven as an offensive player than MPS who is 2-3 years his junior? Come on with what? I'd even argue Paajarvi is the more complete player now already. Paajarvi can play in a top 6 role.

Perron again is better offensively, I'm talking about the best player for our system? Why is this so hard to understand, nowhere am I saying Paajarvi is now the better offensive player, I'm saying he is better for our system right now and most likely with his potential can put up what Perron is putting up now in the future and possible more. Where is this confusing anybody.

Paajarvi makes our team better and Perron makes Edmonton better now, this is an Excellent trade.

How is Paajarvi not a 2-way threat?

Don't you like defense? Your always going on about shut down guys yes? How then can you call Perron a good player for our system when we are down by a goal and he is skating around diving and cussing drawing unsportsmanlike penalties putting us down a man late in games? He was a bonehead in his own zone, he tried to be an agitator, which worked at times, others it was horrible!! He saw the writing on the wall, when you don't fit a system, you stretch to fit. He was trying to do more than needed. He won't need to in Edmonton.

Paajarvi on the other hand was in an offensive system on the bottom six, he is much like Perron and needs to have top 6 minutes and talent to finish. He will come here and be in a different role and expand the defensive side of his game, while his offense finds him. Which is what we need, a big, responsible forward who can chip in offensively, which is what he is. Plus he is fast that's a plus. I don't see the issue, and I hope this explains better what I'm thinking.

I'm only saying everybody keeps saying we got took, well..not really no. This is the salary cap era, we can't keep everybody. I think we got good return for Perron in the situation and the system we are building. We filled a hole with an asset.

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